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House Rules
  • Please respect the pre-agreed deadline for your pet's delivery. Failure to meet the agreed terms is charged with the price written in the price list.

  • Pets are not allowed to be delivered during the night.

  • Delivery of your pet is allowed after the payment was made.

  • For the safety of people and animals, it is not allowed to enter the premises on your own without prior notice.

  • Please call us when you come, and we will come to the entrance.

  • When entering the premises, your dog must be on a leash.

  • Do not allow your pet to urinate on trees and plants in the first part of the Ranch.

  • Animal feeding is not permitted without prior consultation with the staff.

  • At the first takeover of your pet, bring a filled out contract. For each subsequent takeover, it is sufficient to bring only the Questionnaire to the Habitat Association.

  • Only healthy pets are allowed to be brought to the Ranch.

  • You are obligated to treat your pet against indoor and outdoor parasites at least three days before arrival.

  • You are obligated to microchip your dog and to vaccinate your dog at least 10 days before the arrival.

  • To easily adapt your pet to a new environment, do not stay on the ranch for too long; your pet will be taken care of by our staff. 

Thank you for understanding. For any further inquiries, feel free to contact us.


Habitat Dog Hotel and Dog Training School

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