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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I bring my pet?

The pet should be brought at pre-decided time. It is important to respect the agreed time of leaving and picking up your dog because we adjust our schedule to you and your dog. Takeover can be scheduled between 8 and 10 in the morning, and in the evening between 18:30 and 20h.

What should I bring to Habitat when leaving my pet?

Habitat is equipped with toys, collars, leashes, food and water bowls, brushes, blankets etc. You are obliged to bring your dog, their vaccination record (dog passport), your ID card, and a filled ADMISSION CONTRACT. You must also bring your dog's food in case you don't opt for the food bundle.

When can I pick up my pet?

You should come during the pre-arranged time. Takeover can be scheduled between 8 and 10 in the morning, and in the evening between 18:30 and 20h.
It is crucial to stick with the pre-arranged time to avoid potential conflicts between dogs that don't function together. A fee is paid for delays.

What do you do when dogs don't get along with each other?

Pansion Habitat extends over 6000 m2 and contains four fenced yards; therefore, we only match dogs that get along with each other. Because of that, every dog ​​can enjoy their time and freedom.

What if dogs get in conflict?

Safety and socialization are our priorities! Therefore, we put all of our knowledge and efforts into successfully socializing your pets. But, as with people, there are unpredictable situations where conflicts can arise. In case such a situation happens, we immediately contact the owner, and if a dog gets harmed, we immediately provide them with the necessary veterinary assistance.
Probability of such situation happening is very low since dogs are always under supervision and professional guidance at Habitat.

Are females in estrus accepted in Habitat?

Because of the spaciousness and proper separation of our yards, we are able to accommodate females in estrus.

Do you accept pets with health problems?

If your pet is sick, please contact us so we could make a decision based on a more detailed information.

How do you deal with sudden illness or pet injury?

Besides the professional and experienced volunteers of the Habitat association, we are also linked with local veterinary stations. In case of sudden illness or injury, your pet will be provided with immediate care.
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