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About us

Habitat Dog Hotel is located on a ranch in Bilje, just a few kilometers outside of Osijek and its rushing pace.


Vicinity of the Old Drava lake, green spaces and natural materials from which the ranch is entirely built create the atmosphere of a true rural idyll.

The ranch extends over 6000 m2 and consists of four enclosed yards which give freedom to all pets, including those who don't get along with each other, and females that are in estrus. Spaciousness of our ranch allows every pet an opportunity to run, play, and explore the nature.


The size of our stalls varies between 8 to 10 m2; the stalls are made of natural materials and are used exclusively for daily resting and nighttime sleep. 

The kennels are roofed and are protected from bad weather conditions. We have stalls that are accessed directly from the outside which include an isolated dog house covered with soft straw. We also offer indoor stalls for those pets that are used to living indoors and are more sensitive to cold or hot weather.


Indoor stalls are air-conditioned and heated, depending on the weather conditions, and each indoor stall includes a soft dog bed and various toys, with chill music playing inside.

Daily cheerful gatherings of volunteers, animal lovers and their pets offer your pet a never-ending happiness and joy.


In addition to the long walks, plays and bathing time, your pet will enjoy their freedom and will always be under adequate supervision.

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